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Useful Links
  • Life Coaching with CBT - Life Coaching service with CBT techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety, self esteem & assertiveness issues.

  • Eos Seminars - The Accredited Hypnotherapy/NLP Diploma Course, the Hypnotist Certificate Course and Indirect Hypnosis Language Pattern Master Classes presented by Gill Webb, BA, D.Hyp and Kerin Webb, MA, D.Hyp, (Editor and Author of the peer acclaimed book, The Language Pattern Bible, Indirect Hypnotherapy Patterns of Influence).

  • Personal Training Scotland - the leading directory for Scotland's top personal trainers and fitness services.

  • WestOne - WestOne's NLP training courses offer you the latest in New Code NLP, Hypnotheapy, TimeLine Therpy™, FlashReading™ and many other self development courses.

  • NLP Tips - NLP Articles and Resources.

  • Barry D Cooper - Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and EmoTrance in North West London. Registered Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner and Advanced Meridian Therapy Practitioner.

  • Free Self Hypnosis Downloads - Self hypnosis downloads from Lasting Change Hypnotherapy.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming companies in the UK

  • Max Kirsten Clinical Hypnosis NLP - Max Kirsten Clinical Hypnotherapy NLP Clinic in Knightsbridge, London, England. Also powerful hypnotic state-of-the-art MP3 hypnosis downloads to help you stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, cure phobias, insomnia, other addictions and more…

  • PG Coaching: Life Coaching and Life Coaching Seminars for a Wonderful Life - Life Coaching and Life Coaching Seminars to Help You Unleash Your Greatness, Find Your Genius, and Create the Wonderful Life You Truly Desire. Also Life Coaching for Expatriates, Relocated Employees and Staff Wellbeing.

  • Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D. - "Human Trinity Hypnotherapy" with over 100 articles on hypnosis and related subjects.

  • London Life Coach - London NLP and Personal Development Coaching for confidence, goal setting and behaviour change.

  • Hypnotherapy Thailand - One of the best informative websites about hypnosis and hypnotherapy frequently visited by universities and other educators. One of the few highly qualified western trained hypnotherapists working in Thailand.

  • MindBody Hypnosis - Deep mind coaching by Devin Hastings for Diabetes, Anxiety, OCD, Weight Loss and many other challenges. School located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.

  • Hypnotherapy and Relationship coaching in Bristol
    - Safe, effective hypnotherapy, solution-oriented therapy and relationship coaching in Bristol and Taunton. Andrew White, The Magic of You 0845-3510604.

  • Debbie Waller, Yorkshire Hypnotherapist - Helping you to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, weight, smoking and much more. One to one sessions, speaking engagements and corporate work undertaken throughout the Yorkshire region.

  • Meditation -Learn a simple yet powerful meditation technique for undoing the thoughts and beliefs within you that keep you from experiencing more peace, joy and fulfilment in your life.